Revolution #225, February 27, 2011

Tens of Thousands Protest at Wisconsin Capitol

As we go to press, Wisconsin state employees, along with students and supporters from around the state are protesting inside and outside the state capitol building in Madison. Tens of thousand of students, teachers, health workers, public service union members and supporters have been part of the protests—sparked by a plan by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to double health insurance costs for public workers and restrict their collective bargaining rights to only the issue of wages. Hundreds of students are sitting-in and sleeping at the Capitol rotunda and thousands of others are marching throughout the central city area every day. One student from Madison said, "Egypt caught the wave from Tunisia, and now we are surfing the wave from Egypt." Broader forces that currently define American politics are all focusing attention on this confrontation, including belligerent Tea Party reactionaries who have mobilized in support of the governor and been given major promotion. Stay tuned to for ongoing coverage.

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