Revolution #228, April 3, 2011

From Readers:

Responding to the BAsics Challenge

In our work to stop the egregious crimes the United States government is committing all around the world, including in this country, we have found the writings of Bob Avakian to be a vital resource. Avakian challenges us to look at the reality and truth of the brutality of these crimes and to struggle with others to act with us with a morality that is commensurate with this truth and reality. Avakian also offers a deeply needed challenge by lifting our sights to envision a liberating future. The analysis and principled stand of Bob Avakian is direly needed in these dangerous times. He provides leadership in a political landscape marked by tremendous violence against the people of the world, one where the future of the planet is at stake. We think that a person standing up to lead in this fight, especially one of Bob Avakian’s caliber, is a precious thing and that his works need to be supported. 

Bob Avakian has written with great thought about the World Can’t Wait movement, paying attention to it and stressing the importance of such a movement. His writing around this in particular has helped us maintain what BA calls, “our strategic nerve.” In understanding the impetus for the U.S. empire to act in the way it does, the necessity that the rulers are facing to increase their oppressive measures, we can understand our struggle better and fight from a more solid foundation.

BAsics will provide a variety of people with access to this all-too-hidden resource to understand the world in order to change it. It is on this basis that we have stepped up to the BAsics Challenge—to financially support this publication and encourage others to do the same.


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