Revolution #229, April 10, 2011

What People Are Saying

Columbia University Student

Question: You just got a ticket for the April 11 event. Why?

Answer: You know, walking through the streets of Harlem, and anywhere nationwide, you can see that there's this system where there's a number of people who are facing extreme difficulties going about their daily lives. It's important to recognize that it's not just individuals but it's part of a systemic issue that we as a people and as a nation need to deal with right away. It needs to happen, and there needs to be a conversation about what we can do to make the system for everybody, not just a few individuals. So it's with the hope that, to open the conversation up, to see what alternatives are possible in this nation, in this world, besides the one we have now, which continues to oppress people, which thrives on the systemic oppression of specific groups of people, the systemic destruction of people's lives and people's humanity. And also trying to figure out what institutions are possible. What are the concrete steps that we can take to move forward in this process. And thus far the answers are really difficult to do that. What I'm hoping is to learn more about that from people who have ideas. I'm open to it. It's not something that…I don't have any political allegiances or anything like that, but I think everyone needs to start having a conversation about what we can do to make the process better for everyone.

Q: Have you heard about Bob Avakian or the Revolutionary Communist Party before this?

A: Yeah, I've seen the Party and its members who are dedicated out there every day, handing out flyers, handing out information, spreading their message. Unfortunately, I haven't heard much about Avakian's message, which is why I bought the book today, so I can have an idea of where he stands. It does say a lot to push forward a big message. So I'm willing to hear it out. That's part of the reason why I bought the ticket. I'm trying to be open-minded about things, not shut off about things. It's needed to have people who are courageous enough to present this idea, but also to have a vision of something drastically different, if that's possible. It doesn't mean the work will be easy. And it doesn't mean I'll agree with everything. But it doesn't mean I shouldn't be open to what the message is and make the judgment based on what I hear. So that's why I'm attending the event.

Q: BAsics should give you a really concentrated dose of revolutionary science.

A: I hope so. And I hope it gives me a chance to really learn about what the Party stands for, and what kind of, I guess, vision you guys have for getting to a place where you want to see it. And if it's feasible or not. That's a question that I've always thought about, is like, is this process feasible, and how do you see that happening?

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