Revolution #229, April 10, 2011



When was the last time you saw portrayed on film scenes and the story of the Zionist ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, the brutal occupation of Palestine by Israel, and a sympathetic portrayal of the 1987 Intifada and the struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate themselves? Miral is a new movie coming into theaters starring Freida Pinto (from Slumdog Millionaire) and being featured on TV morning talk shows. It starts in 1947 with the unjust UN mandated partition of Palestine and traces through the lives of 3 generations of Palestinian women—their oppression and their struggles. It is based on a semi-autobiographical novel written by a Palestinian woman. While its vision and understanding of the road to liberation of Palestine fall short, this is an important movie coming at a time when the whole pivotal question of the Israeli occupation of Palestine is being shoved out of sight by the Western media and the imperialist powers—even as millions of people in the Middle East are rising up against decades and decades of oppressive rule.

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