Revolution #229, April 10, 2011

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In this world of unjust war, unbearable suffering and environmental catastrophe… in these days of discontent, upheaval and questioning… it is critical that this newspaper—Revolution—publish! And that it continue to improve its content and look, and expand its readership.

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Will people in growing numbers get to read analysis that actually lays bare the real causes behind the war on Libya? Coverage that exposes the lies, and cuts through the confusion that currently has people far too passive and immobilized? Will people understand not only the driving forces behind the nuclear disaster in Japan, but that there are real solutions?

And beyond that, in the midst of everything happening, and the upheavals to come, will people come to understand that things do not have to be this way? Will they hear about Bob Avakian’s vision of revolution and have a chance to get to know what this rare and unique leader is all about?

Will they be exposed to the movement for revolution that comes to life in the pages of this paper—its advances, analyzing its problems, criticizing itself where it falls short? Will they learn that there is a party that is actually and actively preparing people to make a revolution that could really bring about the changes that we need?

Seriously: that depends on you.

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