Revolution #230, April 24, 2011

Release of BAsics Celebrated in Houston

On April 5, we hosted a book release of BAsics in Houston. It opened with the following poem:

This is a poem for the restless, the rebels, the radicals
those who are not satisfied with things the way they are
but remain hopeful for what could be

This is a poem for the determined, the dedicated, the daring
those who speak of a whole new world
Where our potential
is not relegated to the gutter of misplaced dreams, but lifted into possibility

This is a poem for those who seek,
who search, whose quest for knowledge is not restricted by the
bounds of our circumstances but is unleashed by the raising of our sights

This is a poem for those who have had enough, who have had their
fill, who have rejected the notion that this is the best that could ever be

This is a poem for those who are ready
to get down to BAsics.

It was a very festive occasion. As people came in, Bob Avakian's "All Played Out" was playing in the background. Three people read their favorite quotes from BAsics and there was more poetry, and a montage of music videos. The people who came were from different walks of life and perspectives. There were youth, students, Latino immigrants, revolutionary communists, people from the progressive movements, and the hip-hop scene. Well into the night, people mingled and talked with each other about their thinking as well as their big questions about revolution, communism and Bob Avakian. Five people bought BAsics and a couple of others said they'd get it from the bookstore the next day.

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