Revolution #232, May 15, 2011

Get this Issue of Revolution Out Widely on Campuses!

"People in this country are educated to be ignorant—especially about the actual history and reality of this country and its role in the world."

—Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

In these days of blind patriotism and confusion, when the worst are celebrating mindlessly and far too many others are disoriented and immobilized… there is a special urgency, and, yes, opportunity: to challenge the lies, coverups, and distortions that people are indoctrinated with, and to open people’s eyes to the actual history and reality of this country and its role in the world.

This issue of Revolution is a critical tool in doing that. And there is a particular urgency to use it to help radically transform the atmosphere on college campuses. This is a generation of students who have grown up with a mis-education that rules out of order critical exploration of history and the bigger picture and context within which world events took place. An "education" that portrays America as the "good guy" in the world. This issue of Revolution provides important tools to challenge that systematic mis-education with reality. It can give people who are upset about the atmosphere of mindless patriotism the facts, analysis and method to challenge and change the situation. And getting this issue of Revolution out very broadly on campuses can change the thinking of those—even of students caught up in the mindless celebration of "USA #1"—who can and must be challenged to confront basic facts about the history and present day reality of the USA and what it really brings to the world.

In doing this, we should say to students: Don’t take our word for it—look this stuff up for yourself! Let us know what you find. And have the intellectual integrity and moral honesty to think through and act on what you learn.

Let’s think big here! If this issue of Revolution becomes a big deal on college campuses, then there is the potential that current events can be a transformative moment for a new generation of students. And that in turn can be a very positive factor in the process of building a movement for revolution.

To be part of making a powerful impact on campuses with this issue of Revolution, contact your Revolution distributor, the nearest Revolution Books, or write or email RCP Publications (see page 15) to order bundles of this issue. Make big plans as soon as you read this: Think about people with whom you can team up—even people who do not normally help distribute Revolution. Help them find creative ways to be involved in having Revolution appear in classrooms, departments, cafeterias, dorms, sports events, club and organization activities… along with big scenes in common areas on campus using the posters and graphics in the four-page pullout in the center of this issue.

Send us your experiences, questions and insights.

Note to Readers and Distributors:
Posted 5/12/2011

In the spirit of the editorial in this week's issue of Revolution calling on distributors and readers to make a big deal of this issue on campuses, a specific suggestion: Get the paper out real big in quads, cafeterias, dorms, large classes, events—anywhere students are gathered. Pass the paper out to everyone AND call on people to make donations to the paper.

Send us your comments.

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