Revolution #237, June 26, 2011

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Think about the times we live in. U.S. wars of domination and aggression masquerade as “wars for freedom.” Black youth are demonized and generations are imprisoned. The media spreads lies and confusion every minute of the day. The U.S. carries out torture, backs brutal dictators, kills the planet – and we’re told there is nothing we can do about all this and this is the best system in the world.  Think about this situation. And then think about what it means to have Revolution newspaper in the midst of all this. 

Raising Funds... And Preparing for Revolution
It’s important for us to understand this: when people give for the first time, we are beginning a relationship with them. This relationship should be rich and multidimensional even as it ultimately has everything to do with accumulating forces for revolution. As they continue to support these kinds of projects and efforts, the relationship should be deepening. Comrades and supporters who win people to sustain should consistently work with these new sustainers, learning more (and helping the Party to learn more) about their conditions and about their thinking and about the conditions and thinking among the people they live and work with. We should be learning about their aspirations and how they see things and what holds them back. We should be getting a deeper understanding about the ways in which the works of Bob Avakian and other works, as well as our newspaper, are connecting with them—the questions that these works are answering and the new ones being sparked.

Revolution #234, May 29, 2011

Think about how important it is to have Revolution, a newspaper that cuts to the bone to tell you WHY things are happening... to show you HOW it doesn’t have to be this way… a newspaper that through the works of Bob Avakian, and many different articles, interviews, letters, graphics, and other features, enables people to really understand and act to radically change the world.

Revolution is a call to action and a means of struggle. It is a guideline where today thousands, but soon tens of thousands and eventually millions, all over the place, stay connected and learn to act in a powerful and united way.

Revolution is where those who read it learn about the larger goals of revolution and communism and come to see the ways in which the struggles of today are connected to those larger goals... where they come to grasp the scientific communist outlook through its application to all the many particular events and outrages and developments in society. It provides a foundation and a means for extending the “reach” of the revolutionary movement and building up bases for this movement – in neighborhoods, where people work and go to school, and wherever people come together – and especially where they resist and rebel against this system.”

But the truth of the matter is, it cannot play this crucial role without a solid and growing base of financial support. Revolution now operates on an amazingly limited budget, but it does have to meet its overhead expenses each month, support reporters and translation work, and more. And it must expand, including by completing the process of transforming the website so that it can reach people hungry for its content around the entire U.S. and all over the world. This kind of financial support does not yet exist – and it is an urgent need.

Revolution needs sustainers on all levels and with different means. A movement of people making monthly contributions, whatever their ability is – a half dozen people who live in the projects each contributing $5 a month… teachers and students taking up monthly collections among their colleagues… professionals, artists and others with more means making larger donations – which are urgently needed – of $100 or $50 a month. These and many other creative forms of sustaining Revolution newspaper must be unleashed all over the place.

Regularly contributing to this newspaper, and often at great sacrifice, is precious to our movement. And not only will this guarantee the continued publication of this paper, but it will build up a strong financial and political base for Revolution and actually can contribute to fostering a broader culture of radical opposition.

How To Donate

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