Revolution #237, June 26, 2011

Prisoner Makes $25 Donation to PRLF


I received the copy of BAsics that was sent to me and I’m truly grateful.

All of the previous reading materials that I’ve received from the PRLF is very enlightening and has led to my looking at so many things in a different light and I’ve become completely aware of the nefarious nature of the powers that be whose actions are pernicious to people all around the world.

When I reflect on my previous mind-set I’m disappointed with myself because I couldn’t see the truth about this country when it has always been right there in front of me; however my feeling of disappointment always goes away when I’m able to assist in helping another see the truth by sharing with them information that I’ve received from the PRLF.

A donation of $25 from me was sent out to the PRLF and if possible will you inform me if it was received, thank you.

Prisoner in California

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