Revolution #237, June 26, 2011

Get In... Get Out... Get Connected

Prisoners Correspond on BAsics

On April 11, A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World—On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics—brought to life a different way to think and to feel, and to be. This revolution and the vision of a new world came to life that night, as works of art interacted with the words of BAsics. Now is the time to seize upon this incredible real thing and to realize the potential the words of Bob Avakian have to change how people think and act in the world. Toward the close of the evening, Carl Dix called on the audience to just do three things: Get In, Get Out, and Get Connected. And it is up to us—all of us—to take up this call.

* * *

RCP Camaradas,

Saludos a todos de la parte de todo camaradas aquí en este bloque. [Greetings to everybody from all the comrades here in this block.] The Libros and subscription that you send are extraordinarily appreciated by todos aquí. They provoke theoretical mind stimulating discussions and debates that initiate synapses firing between the neurons in thought developing progress. Like Mao’s “100 Flowers” campaign, I encourage and promote conflicting concepts between the gente, pero I try to keep them confined “within” the context of a Marxist framework by proposing “this” (Marxist) concept to “that” (Marxist) concept, etc., even if it’s not proposed as a “Marxist” idea per se.

This brings me to: I received the book BAsics and after reading it in one sitting (re-reading it actually) I began to circulate it. It’s a good intro for those who are not familiar with such views. I must admit, not only is the Rev. issue containing the interview with Alexander on her (Michelle’s) new book, The New Jim Crow, still popular & in circulation, we are looking forward to its publication in softback and its arrival in great anticipation!....

Also, there was a couple/three weeks without any arrival of Rev.? I assumed that this had stemmed from the fact that I had been moved temporarily... I’ll check the dates on the paper in the morning. If anything is not up to par, I’ll zip off a letter with detailed info to ... the L.A. office of the A.C.L.U. I think all is well though.

With that said, I know you’re occupied with a full plate. We are in preparation for a group hunger strike in an effort to force the CDC (prison administrators) to adhere to court rulings that the CDC blatantly refuses to abide by. I’ll write as circumstances necessitate.

In Struggle, Prisoner in Pelican Bay State Prison

[Artwork scanned from prisoner’s letter]

* * *

Why is BAsics so important for this generation? Well, “the essential question is not ‘thinking for yourself,’ but thinking according to what method—a correct or incorrect one—leading to what basic result—truth or falsehood.” BAsics does just that, but in the most accessible way for the masses to grasp, while making it their own...

I’ve already received and read my copy of BAsics. It’s definitely a handbook for my generation and the youth coming up. I’m certainly promoting it as much as my influence will allow me behind these walls. ...

Prisoner in Midwest

* * *

Dear Revolutionaries,

My best greetings & my highest of respects to each & every one of y’all!

I did receive BAsics & I thought it was great!

To the Youngsters, Students, and Revolutionaries of the World, I am a young man from a border town in South Texas that has been in and out of the system since I was a child because I chose to partake in organized crime. Had I known then what I know now, I would have taken a different path. That “gangsta life” y’all see in T.V. and movies is far from reality... The key is knowledge & only revolution will set us free. Take it from a man who has been there & done it. Life is too short to waste it in a penitentiary. My love and respects to everyone who makes it possible & contributes to P.R.L.F.! Oppression breeds resistance and we must resist.

In Solidarity, Prisoner in Texas

* * *

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Steadfast Greetings PRLF,

Thank you very much for the BAsics book by Bob Avakian. I’ve been gradually reading it and analyzing it as well. So far it’s pretty remarkable and very profound. I do agree on Chapter 1:1 “There would be no United States as we now know it today without slavery.” Well, I’m of African descent and know that statement to be true in itself. The exploitation, oppression, brutality, and massive atrocity played a key role in how this country was established. Africans were brought over here as slaves; in which they produced a lot of wealth from their service, that was plundered by the capitalist-imperialist ruling class. The economic system was produced by those circumstances too. So without slavery this country wouldn’t be what it is today. Also other ethnicities were oppressed and exploited too. The Native Indians were eradicated from their own land over here as well. Democracy was founded on exploitation of the people of the oppressed class, and serving only the elite.

This has went on a massive scale all around the world. Other nations have felt this oppression too, as well as the harsh effects of it. This has gone on over centuries and still takes place today. Now, this U.S. regime has been at the roots of a lot of these problems we still see nowadays such as: the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other warring countries. It’s not hard to see all of this is done for some kind of economic gain. This is where the ruling class proclaims their throne as the number one capitalist of the world. Imperialism is spread to dominate people’s land and conform them to this system’s standards. I do agree we do need a Revolution upon this nation where people stand up and not allow this atrocity to continue... Until then, people must educate themselves on how to bring this about on an effective scale. Well, Bob Avakian’s teachings promote those skills [and] we must apply them in order to get there truly. The people is what we need to build up first and the rest will follow... Truth is Liberating!!

In Solidarity, Prisoner from California


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