Revolution #238 Online, July 4, 2011

Correspondence on BAsics

"Something my generation needs..."

Revolution received the following letter:

Dear Revolution Newspaper,

Before I could even finish the first page, I knew BAsics was going to be a breath of fresh air. I was excited to finally pick up a copy last weekend at Comfest in Columbus, but I could not have prepared myself for how powerful the new publication would be. As I began reading, the image stuck in my mind of workers and oppressed across the country reading quotes from Bob Avakian in their workplaces, schools and homes. But it is even more than that. BAsics is a handbook for making revolution and emancipators of humanity.

This is something my generation needs. As a college student who was forced to endure over twelve years of brutal Catholic schooling, I have seen what religious dogma, intolerance and bigotry can do to the youth. It systematically brainwashes students who seek a better world, and those who seek to make their own assertions about the world are confined to the narrow political and religious visions of the elite.

The quote that really leapt out at me began with "If you can conceive of a world without America...". This is a powerful thought, as this system of capitalism-imperialism has spread American influence across the globe. However, Bob Avakian offers some insight saying, "And once you have raised your sights to all this, how could you not feel compelled to take an active part in the world historic struggle to realize it; why would you want to lower your sights to anything less?"

As revolutionaries, this is our monumental task. To fight the power and transform the people for revolution. With the immense power of Revolution newspaper and BAsics, we have two essential tools for making revolution and fighting for a communist future.

To say the least, I wish I had had a copy of BAsics in high school so that I could counter the bullshit being taught to me. I didn't have that opportunity, but there are millions of students today who need to hear the voice of Bob Avakian so they can join the fight. BAsics presents an essential challenge to all that is oppressive and intolerant. It paints not only a picture of a new world, but it leaves room for innovation and growth, as a communist future will have, as Bob Avakian says, "a solid core with a lot of elasticity."

BAsics is a tool for all of us who seek a world without exploitation and oppression. I plan on buying more copies to get out to people in my area. We have an opportunity for something really immense with BAsics as a guide.

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