Revolution #239, July 17, 2011

“I’m here to support my sons and ALL of the people suffering in Pelican Bay”

At the July 9 protest in San Francisco, Revolution talked to a woman whose two sons are hunger strikers at Pelican Bay.

Revolution: Can you tell me why you are here?

Maria: I have two sons who are suffering right now. They are in intensive care. The officers in Pelican Bay, they don’t want to give me no information about my kids. This makes me so upset and fills me with hurt. I’m here to support my children from outside so they can win their demands.

Revolution: When was the last time you saw your children?

Maria: Last weekend I drove up to Pelican Bay because I knew that my children were going to go on hunger strike. They were really weak from being without food. They told me that they would do the hunger strike until the last consequences. That made me so worried. They want their rights and it’s not my say to stop them for asking for their humanity.

Revolution: What message would you want to send to those who read Revolution?

Maria: I’m here to support my sons and ALL of the people suffering in Pelican Bay. Everybody as a family, as a friend, we have somebody in Pelican Bay suffering. I want to tell people don’t forget your family or your friends because they need us.

Revolution: Are you scared?

Maria: I’m proud of my children—they are strong guys—but the same time as a mother it’s a really huge worry in my heart that they could lose their lives in there without me. And they don’t let me know anything right now.


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