Revolution #239, July 17, 2011

A note to our readers

More than $30 thousand was raised in 30 days, a significant and important step forward. Many people donated for the first time—along with others who have contributed before. Youth and people of all ages who had not raised funds before took up the call and organized fund-raising events. Contributions that came in from people across the country means real, immediate needs can be met. We can now make a leap in publicizing BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, get this essential work into the hands of hundreds of prisoners, and begin production of a film of the inspiring April 11 cultural event which marked the publication of BAsics.

In the drive for 100 sustainers for Revolution newspaper, numbers of people from the neighborhoods whose daily life is a struggle to make ends meet found the ways to sustain on a monthly basis, but there was a serious shortfall in reaching our goal of regular sustainers in the range of $50+ per month. We need to soberly and scientifically assess this shortfall. In the next issue we will be posing some questions to our readers to be wrestled with in summing up our experience—and moving to meet this urgent need.

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