Revolution #240, July 24, 2011

Letter to the Hood

This poem was forwarded to Revolution from the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund.


Letter to the Hood

To all the fellas in the hood
Yeah, I’m talking about you, dude
Sittin’ around in a bad mood
Walkin’ around acting all rude
            If only you had the BAsics
            Then you’d know your actions are without basis
            That they only serve to make the man feel safest
            When he knows he has you at your tamest
Watching as you take it out on each other
Instead of acting like that homeboy’s your brother
It’s no longer even a wonder
Why we’re all still asunder
            Maybe if my generation had a B.A. degree
            Then we’d all be outside and free
            It sounds that simple, don’t you agree?
            What are you waiting for then, an RCP decree?
You already know that this place ain’t no fun
That there’s more important things to be done
It’s not like you’re a coward choosing to run
Just ’cause you realize life’s much brighter under the sun
            And that you’d rather sacrifice for a noble cause
            Than to live out some T.V. fantasy from “Oz”
            So think real hard and take a pause
            ’Cause ride or dying in the hood won’t get you applause
It’ll just turn you into an afterthought in someone’s memory
While you waste away in the penitentiary
Adding to the fodder of some reactionary
’Cause you chose to live the life of a criminal than a revolutionary

                        By Prisoner at Pelican Bay
                        June 27, 2011

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