Revolution #248, October 23, 2011

Announcing: A performance by The William Parker Quintet
excerpts from “Blueprint for a Cultural Revolution”
inspired by and featuring readings from BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian

November 8, 8 pm at Nublu (24 First Avenue between 1st and 2nd streets, New York City). Tickets: $30; reserve yours now at

This will be a unique and powerful artistic piece sorely needed in today’s world... creating space for radical imagining, critical thinking and basic revolutionary truths.

Proceeds from the night will go towards sending copies of BAsics to prisoners. Hundreds of copies have already been sent; for responses go to and click on “What People Are Saying.”

Your support is needed to make this happen. $5,000 is needed for artists’ compensation, promotional costs and a quality video to be made of the night.

Contributions can be sent to the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund, given online at or sent to 1321 N. Milwaukee, #407, Chicago, IL 60622. Please specify it’s for the Parker/BAsics event.

The William Parker Quintet includes: William Parker, bass; Dave Hofstra, tuba; Matt Lavelle, trumpet; Ras Moshe, tenor sax; Bernard Myers, drums; Dave Sewelson, baritone sax.

William Parker is a master musician, improviser, and composer. He plays the bass, shakuhachi, double reeds, tuba, donso ngoni and guembri. Parker is also a theorist and author of several books. As Steve Greenlee of the Boston Globe stated in July 2002, “William Parker has emerged as the most important leader of the current avant-garde scene in jazz.”

Listen to an earlier piece, “All Played Out,” with music by William Parker and words by Bob Avakian (


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