Revolution #253, December 18, 2011

A Call To Our Readers

The Occupy protests have raised the hopes of millions in this country and worldwide. Profound discontent with the inequality and injustice in this society has burst to the surface. The atmosphere and discourse in society is changing, and millions are thinking about and asking big questions about the ways things are—and whether and how a different future would be possible. Over the last few weeks, this movement has been repressed in what appear to be coordinated attacks to savagely evict encampment after encampment across the country. This movement stands at a crossroads—in the largest sense. Where to now? What is the essence of this crossroads and how are we to understand it? What direction should this movement take? And with what understanding and orientation? How will the injustice and inequality this movement is targeting actually be overcome? What kind of leadership is needed to bring that about?

Bob Avakian addresses these questions and more in "A Reflection on the 'Occupy' Movement: An Inspiring Beginning... and the Need to Go Further." It is critically important to read, distribute and deeply discuss this statement. And let the ferment and debate spread and heighten in every corner of society. We published this in Revolution #251 (November 27) and #252 (December 11). Discussions will be held in Revolution Books stores across the country in the coming days. (Check with your local bookstore for announcements of these discussions.) Printable PDF's of BA's Reflection are posted at; these can and should be downloaded, printed and broadly distributed far and wide... not only to those in the movement, but to all those who have been awakened and touched by these actions. Get this Reflection out to all those who have been spurred to think about the nature and state of this society and to consider how to bring into being a far better world and future. And forward to Revolution correspondence about your experience and discussions!

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