Revolution #254, December 25, 2011

Letter from Prisoner on Occupy Oakland

Salutation to all my revolutionary communistic brothers and sisters in arms, and in no uncertain way we want all opposition to know the symbol of change, and let them know it is definitely coming.

The dying system of police brutality, and their bullcrap is being so easily seen and felt all over the world. And in being a native of Oakland I feel privileged in being exposed to the construction period of the Black Panther Party, what they stood for and those alike, and I am more than certain that their call has proven to be the moral fiber beneath my every ambition in fighting for a new government today. Equality and true justice is the simple shaping for everybody to be somebody of stature.

Oakland has always been a sleeping giant, and on the day the OPD riot teams decided to dismantle our encampment the joker popped up on them and divine will and order stept in and the police and riot team decision to move in on our encampment was declared unfit according to the mayor of Oakland. Making them guilty of mishandling themselves and the public in that situation which amounts to another clearly seen and observed act of police brutality.

And its very sad to see how leadership and authority who live in shock and fear of making decisions that will help society need to be removed simply because either they will do nothing to benefit the people or either use the authority and power to continue disrespecting the rights of others and hurting people unjustly like in the dismantling occupied Oakland where my brother sustained a life threatening injury from a tear gas can he was hit in the head and loss his ability to talk and will never be the same again.

When the police is in violation it is outright misrepresentation of both self the department, society, city, state etc. and that point their relationship with their job of justice is cut off and they are somehow incapable of recognizing fair judgement on real life terms simple because they for whatever reason may appear to be caught up in the big me little you syndrome, the image that says right or wrong I’m in control and I don’t have a problem forcing substance to my image, at all costs regardless to if its right wrong true or real. Low and behold the new revolutionary communistic party is alive and we are not going anywhere. They will try and stop us but we will never stop until the government fall, and the revolution party will rise up and make it a better world to live in. I am so happy I am part of the communist revolution and I can make a different in the world. We need to get out and spread the word about the revolution. If we have to camp out with the people and go door to door and stand on the corner and feed the homies whatever it take. I know it is not going to be easy but we have to try.

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