Revolution #260, February 19, 2012

“Every Page Packed With Liberating Knowledge”

The following letter from a prisoner was sent to the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund:

29 January 2012


Revolutionary Greetings! I hope all is well and all your staff finds itself in high spirits.

I’m writing to thank you for a book I received a couple of weeks ago (Marxism and the Call of the Future). The envelope it came in was postmarked Dec. 8, 2011. If I don’t write to thank you soon after you’ve sent me something to read, it will most likely be because prison staff has delayed delivery. I’m done with Marxism and the Call of the Future. I learned a lot and gained a lot from it as I always do from the things you send. I’m studying Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy right now. I’m only a couple of pages into it, but I could already tell that every page is packed with liberating knowledge that must be spread throughout society, including the prison system. I am very grateful for the literature you’ve sent so far and look forward to the day that I could show my appreciation.

The books you’ve sent have had a tremendous impact on the way I view the world and the role I should play in it. I’ve read communist literature in the past, but not until I read Revolution and Bob Avakian’s works was I inspired to become a communist myself. I like to read as widely as I possibly can and it’s been highly unlikely of me to promote the views of any single individual above those of a vast array of others. I have made the necessary exception with Bob Avakian. I’ve come to recognize that the guidance he provides is crucial to the struggle for a better world. I’ve recommended BAsics to my loved ones on the streets, and I’ve been discussing it with all prisoners willing to listen. I might’ve never been cured of my pessimistic views of the future had it not been for Bob Avakian and the RCP. One of the first things I plan on doing when I parole (a little less than two years from now) is finding the nearest Revolution Books.

Thanks again for the book and the subsidized subscription to Revolution newspaper. The work you do is highly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

In Struggle, Prisoner in California

P.S I’m enclosing a book of 20 stamps. I hope you can use them for something.


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