Revolution #262, March 11, 2012

Letter from a Prisoner

“I can smell a con from a mile away”

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund received the following letter from a prisoner in Texas on counterrevolutionary attacks on Bob Avakian:

Dear Revolutionary Family,

Greetings again from the Texas gulag! Hope you’re keeping safe in your never-ending struggle to make the world a freer and more equitable place in which to live.

I’ve been rereading parts of Bob’s Observations and it strikes me as particularly significant he opens the book discussing methodology at arriving at truth; and even goes so far as to acknowledge a person may arrive at an important truth while ignoring, or even rejecting, his preferred methodology.

To me, this demonstrates an all-important aspect of Bob’s overriding goal & orientation, and by extension that of the Revolutionary Communist Party as a whole: to arrive at the truth of a situation with all other considerations taking.

It simply cannot be over stressed the importance of this spirit. At a time (and when has there not been such a time?) when most people think: my ideology/religion/country/ (you fill in the blank), right or wrong, Bob and the RCP say No: that is the incorrect attitude to have and, in the end, that road can only lead to revisionism and regression; the exact opposite of the direction in which we want to go. In fact, I will even go so far as to say (and I’m sure Bob & the great majority of the RCP as it stands will agree) if some distant time should ever come to pass when the RCP and its value of truth should part ways it’s imperative all Communists of conscience owe their loyalty to truth only, even to the exclusion of that hypothetical future RCP.

The persons who have attempted to wage a psychological war with Bob and RCP, through slander & libel, have a nefarious and secret agenda. They obviously feel threatened by the RCP’s orientation of veritas uber alles (if I may be forgiven for mixing Latin and German) and so use the tactics of cowards everywhere: they attack personalities rather than principles because they intuitively realize their stance will not bear close inspection. They should be viewed with the same scorn one would reserve for a scoundrel who, hating a man, but lacking the courage and honesty to confront him directly, chooses to sneak around and kick his dog.

Bob and the RCP are not the main threat, you see, it’s what we represent, which is genuine revolutionary justice and equality. Our ideals represent a threat to the bourgeoisie puppet-masters who would keep the masses in perpetual slavery. They can’t come right out and say, “You stupid people, don’t you know you can never get free?!” Oh, no, that would reveal their hand; so instead they attempt to sow seeds of doubt & distrust within and concerning Bob and the RCP.

During my quarter-century (22 down, 3 to go) behind bars I have developed an acute sensitivity to motives behind people’s actions: I can smell a con from a mile away. I do swear and attest to Bob Avakian’s impeccable goals & intentions in liberating the masses from the capitalist-imperialist slavery; not because of an insatiable appetite for power at all costs—emancipation merely being a means to an end—but because of genuine and deep love & sympathy for the people and an overriding desire to relieve their suffering. The RCP is indeed my family because we are connected by a bond even thicker than blood: a love of truth and charity and compassion for all life and our priceless planet.

Occupy Everywhere!!!

Yours for the Revolution,


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