Revolution #263, March 25, 2012

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The BAsics Bus Tour takes off again! Funds needed!

$15,000 is needed by the end of April for the next round of the BAsics Bus Tour.

The BAsics Bus Tour pilot project impacted thousands of people in California. Traveling from Southern to Northern California and back, a crew of people filled with determination and spirit called on people to get into BAsics and the revolutionary communist work and leadership of Bob Avakian. It was liberating—and it was fun! This boldly decorated bus rolled onto campuses and into swap meets and through the neighborhoods, and its riders got copies of BAsics into the hands of college and high school students, homeless people, immigrants and Black people and others living on the desperate edges in this society and people from the middle classes. We urge all our readers to get into the interview with one of the youth who rode on the bus.

Plans are coming together for the next trip of the BAsics Bus Tour this spring. Learning from and building on the experience of the pilot project—the next tour will be expanding the reach of BAsics and BA Everywhere to more campuses and communities where people who do not yet—and need to—know of Bob Avakian. Because of what BA has done, there is a viable and much better alternative and the strategy to achieve a different and far better world for all of humanity. And this bus tour is aiming to break through and bring to people what we have in and what is possible because of the leadership of BA.

And as the bus tour continues, one goal is for it to become known in society that there is a determined and dedicated group of people on a mission to make BA, BAsics and BA Everywhere a mass social question—puncturing through the oppressive “ways things are” and taking on all comers as they straight-up struggle for people everywhere to know about the revolution we need and the leadership we have.

Over March 31/April 1 we are calling for a concentrated weekend of fundraising for the BAsics Bus Tour across the country. In a unified way, over this weekend people from many different areas will set their sights on raising the $15,000. Make plans now for all the different ways this could be done. Groups of people can get together to have yard and bake sales, house parties and phone banking to draw in those who have been impacted by BA Everywhere and who should be urged to join in. Perhaps there could be citywide fundraisers. Individuals should be asked to donate.

This weekend effort should both bring together people to put their energies to raising thousands for the bus tour—and it should be a springboard to go out even further, reach the fundraising goals for the tour—and continue to expand the ranks of those joining in the campaign to get BA Everywhere.

Read the interview in this issue of Revolution and, once again, imagine what difference it will make for this experience to be built upon and the next round of the tour to have an even greater impact on the people it encounters and in society more broadly. And then think about the fact that this takes money. Money to secure the bus and decorate it. Money for gas for it to travel from town to town. Money to feed and support the crew of riders. Money to buy the materials that will be distributed on the tour. Money for the tour to be documented on film so that the message and impact of the tour can be multiplied and spread throughout society.

Fundraising itself is a key way people can get in on and build support for the tour as a part of taking BA Everywhere. Utilize Revolution newspaper. The articles on the pilot project need to get into the hands of people to let them know what this tour can—and will—accomplish. And as we raise substantial funds, many more people must join in finding the ways to spread the word and let people know this tour is again hitting the road. There are innumerable creative ways for people to join the collectivities coming together to make this tour and its objectives a reality. One very important way is to ride the bus, to join the crew on a mission to get BAsics and BA out into society. And know that this will be an exciting experience full of learning about the society and the people who live in it—and wrangling with the big questions of the revolution.

Raise money for the BAsics Bus Tour! Volunteer to help the bus and its participants get ready! And become part of the crew who will be taking BA Everywhere to all corners of society.


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