Revolution #263, March 25, 2012

Needed: Volunteers for Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF)

World and national developments, including the uprisings in the Middle East, Occupy, the California prisoners’ hunger strikes, the growing consciousness about and movement against mass incarceration, as well as prisoners’ engagement with Revolution and BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, have created a situation which has outstripped PRLF’s volunteers’ ability to meet prisoners’ needs. Literature needs to get to prisoners, and the letters they write need to get much farther out into the broader world.

There are many ways you can help! Much can be done online.

Women’s Project. Many more women prisoners need to read Revolution and BAsics. Circulation of literature mainly spreads by word of mouth. Help with all aspects of getting 200 BAsics and 100 Revolution subscriptions to women prisoners, as part of getting 2,000 BAsics to prisoners and 1,000 Revolution subscriptions to prisoners in the hellholes of the U.S.

Transcribing prisoners’ letters. As one volunteer from Occupy said, “There is an entire underworld of forgotten people who are seeking to educate themselves in order to transform a world that has condemned them to subhuman servitude. Their voices need to be heard… Transcribing… is simple enough… It is enriching, enlightening and informs a more holistic critical worldview.”

Fundraising. Help with all aspects of fundraising.

Artistic skills. PRLF needs online and print designers, spoken word and video artists, people who can organize cultural performances, and more.

To volunteer: email PRLF at  Whether you can spend an hour every couple of weeks or several hours a day, your time and effort will make a real difference.


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