Revolution #265, April 8, 2012

Lots of Traffic in Los Angeles

On Friday afternoon, April 6, two revolutionaries grabbed an enlargement of the front cover of Revolution newspaper—Trayvon Martin's picture under the heading, "A Modern American Lynching"—and stood on the medial strip of a high-traffic intersection in a largely Black area of L.A. People pulled up at the light and rolled down their windows as the revolutionaries approached the cars saying, "We need a revolution, the whole system is guilty" and flipped to the "Three Strikes" poster depicting capitalism's treatment of Black people—slavery, lynching, and police brutality. People nodded, some expressed emphatic agreement. They pulled out dollars and grabbed the paper, sometimes two, three, four copies to distribute to others. People who couldn't get their money out before the light changed drove around the block and came back around. In car after car, people had the newspapers opened up and were looking at the articles as they kept one eye on the traffic light. People seeing the display from cars two lanes over honked and yelled out how much for that paper. Youth crossing the street had dollars ready in their hands and grabbed papers as they passed by. A woman waiting for the bus ran out to the medial strip to get it. A younger guy headed over and said, yes, we need a revolution—very angry, very glad to get the paper and wrote down his number to get with this movement for revolution. In less than two hours, $100 had been raised for the newspaper and nearly 100 copies distributed.


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