Revolution #266, April 22, 2012

Looking Forward to MAY DAY 2012

May Day 2012... the BA Everywhere campaign... Imagine the Difference It Could Make! is going to another level. As we wrote last week: “There is no more fitting way to celebrate May 1 this year than to ... raise big money to get BA’s vision and works into every corner of society.”

On May 1 itself, in the face of the violent repression and coordinated efforts of the powers-that-be to “stamp out” the Occupy movement, Occupy has called for demonstrations that must be supported and joined.

Four Defiant Days

For four defiant days, April 28-May 1, let’s fight for and promote, live and celebrate a vision of internationalism, revolution, a whole new and far better world... and the vision, strategy and revolutionary communist leadership we have to get there.

Through these four days, let’s get the coming special issue of Revolution, featuring quotes from Bob Avakian on internationalism and revolution, into the hands of people everywhere. This issue hits the streets on April 24. Put in your orders now!

April 28: Set out to seize on every opportunity to put BA, his works and vision, before thousands. Boldly decorated car caravans and other creative ways are in the works with the aim of reaching into places in major metro areas where BA Everywhere has not yet had an impact—and to raise money. Join in—and get BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian into the hands of people all over.

April 29: Join with others in May Day fundraising celebrations! Invite all those who have been touched by BA Everywhere right up until Sunday to look to and celebrate a different and far better future! Be there for the announcement of summer plans to make new advances in BA Everywhere. Good food and lively discussion will go together with clips from BA’s Revolution talk, music, spoken word—including BA’s “All Played Out”—and more.

April 30: Let’s get back to people who are connecting with this movement to get BA Everywhere and have some more discussions. Make this a day of organizing and preparing for internationalist contingents that will join in May 1 demonstrations being organized by the Occupy movement.

May 1: A day for Fighting the Power, and Transforming the People, for Revolution

Many, many people in the Occupy movement continue to refuse to go along with the way things are in this society. A new wave of struggle is called for. The May 1 internationalist contingents need to be there in the midst of it, helping to strengthen these demonstrations and bringing into them their own resolve and determination to fight for a better future for all of humanity. Let’s swell the ranks of these demonstrations and strengthen the resistance to the attempts by the authorities to suppress and derail this movement.

Building for May Day

Plans are in the works, and active work is being done now, to build for a truly electrifying May Day wave of taking BA Everywhere. Write to Revolution—and come back to to find out what is being planned and what’s underway. (Send your reports soon to Find diverse and creative means to let whole communities in your area know the revolutionaries are coming. Notify the press—and in a hundred other ways “on the ground” create anticipation for the arrival of the BA Everywhere campaign.

Also, let’s begin to raise significant amounts of money now and, as we do this, further forge a community of people who are making the campaign their own. Building for and acting on these four defiant and celebratory days can and should be a real regathering of people, bringing forward new people, a real way for people to join the campaign in their own ways... an opened door to getting involved on many different levels. Let’s aim, in this month, to meet and draw in many more people who can contribute in different ways.


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