Revolution #268, May 13, 2012

BAsics Bus Tour

What You Can Do


Friday, May 18: Plan a celebration in unity with the major kickoff event in Atlanta. Have a fundraising open house at Revolution Books or a house party.

Tuesday, May 22: A video statement from the tour will be released online. Pull together friends and tune in for a very special opportunity to hear first-hand about the progress of the tour thus far, what the volunteers on the tour are learning and what the response has been up to that point. Invite people to your homes for this, have a special gathering in a community center, church, neighborhood barber shop or restaurant. Coming together in this way, people will also be given another opportunity to contribute… this time to the next leg of the tour, which those on the tour will also be fundraising for. Stay tuned to for details.

Memorial Day weekend: Have a picnic or join with others at their picnics… help the bus tour meet its final goals of selling BAsics, raising funds for the next leg of the tour and hearing from the tour participants' final experiences as this leg of the tour comes to a close. For those already planning family picnics, ask if the revolutionaries can come through and do a fund pitch or sell raffle tickets. Head out to the parks with Revolution newspaper, BAsics, clips from Avakian's Revolution talk and video clips from the bus tour's travels.

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