Revolution #273, June 24, 2012

Bob Avakian's Away With All Gods!—It Will Open Your Eyes

Dear readers and my comrades,

I have been down with the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA for about two years, been in the X prison system for seven years and I'm currently serving a time on a parole violation. While doing my time I have been receiving Revolution newspaper and there was an article about Tim Tebow and Away With All Gods! Now I am used to share everything I get from the Revolution newspaper with other inmates in here. But this article I tried to hide because lots of people can't take people talking about religion. So I was scared people might pass judgment about the Revolutionary Communist Party, and on me. But one night after podtime, my roommate came in from a bible study and said I am about to start reading the bible to you. I said if you know what I know you wouldn't want to read the bible to no one. He said what are you talking about and I said do you really want to know? He said yes. So are you comfortable talking about this? He said yes. So I said do you understand what you are reading? He said yes. So I said, and you believe what you are reading? He said yes. So you believe in slavery and women being raped and sold to people and you believe in cold blood murder? He said no and I said well that book you are reading believes in that and he said no it don't. Then I said well lets look at the book Away With All Gods! and if you look up Numbers 31 especially verse 13-18 and 31-35. There are just some of the passages in the bible in which the God of this bible insists that people who practice another religion or who oppose or stand in the way of god's will must be slaughtered and utterly destroyed or in the case of virgin women, rape, enslaved—without mercy. That's called murder. So I ask him now let's talk about Jesus, do you believe epilepsy is a demon possession or has to do with chemical and electrical process in the nervous system and the brain other wise a sickness. He said a sickness not a demon possession. So I said well Jesus telling people it is a demon possession so which one is it. Demon possession or sickness? He said a sickness. "So the bible just lied to you again," I said. Then I said to him Jesus said that he is the only way to salvation. Those who don't follow him will be condemned to eternal damnation that is endless torture; burning in hell, excruciating physical as well as mental pain, torment and anguish. But you said god loves all his people. If he loves us that much why would he let us go through all that pain. It says god love his people and keep them safe but that doesn't sound safe to me and if that is I don't want no part of it. I used to be blind just like you but after reading Away With All Gods! it opened my eyes to the bible I would never think of. So I ask him if your child was rebellious against you would you put them to death? He said NO and I said well the bible say so in Exodus 21:17, children who rebellious against their parents must be put to death. So the bible tells you to murder your own child and that's the book you really want to follow. One last thing I ask my roommate, if you marry a woman and found out she not a virgin would you put her to death? He said no, most woman out here not a virgin. Well the bible says if you marry a woman and she not a virgin you must put her to death. He said it don't say that, I say yes it do, you can look it up in Deuteronomy 22:13-21. There are a lot of things in the bible that are just wrong and I will ask my comrades to send me a book called Away With All Gods! by Bob Avakian and it will also open your eyes too. So I ask you to have an open mind to the book just like I did. We talk until 3:00 a.m. and then he said I just must have to read that book you is talking about and that made me feel good inside that I got to talk to him about it. Well until next time.

Love always comrades and readers, XX

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