Revolution #274, July 8, 2012

Prisoner writes on BAsics 5:7

The following letter was written by a prisoner in Pelican Bay, California, July 5, 2012

I write in regards to the BAsics quote “American lives are not more important than other people’s lives.”

It's amazing that one would have to even write this out to point to people that there is something very wrong with this backward thinking but many “Americans” do think American lives are better than lives from other parts. This warped sense of reality finds its roots in the long bloody history of the foundation of this Empire. One only need look back to the war crimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where American bombs wiped out generations of women, children and elderly. To see American Imperialists always have thought non American lives were unimportant. This deranged thought trickles down to the masses in America and instills this jingoism that has no basis in material reality. It may even be said that other peoples lives are more important than American lives because it is Americans who prosper off the backs of the oppressed, off the sweat, toil and blood of billions!

Most Americans do not realize their first world chauvinism and this in part is caused by being born and bred in the social cesspool of capitalism, this selfish mindset that compels the average American to remain aloof to human despair outside of America will be the key to unlock the gates of oppression. It is precisely this dialectic of capitalism in which the most parasitic relations in society develop unharnessed and engorge the economies of developed nations that will eventually lead to its demise.

Our job is to explain how ridiculous the notion is that American lives are more important than any other lives, how twisted this outlook is in the face of so much death and despair. Guns pour into Mexico by America in an attempt to fuel the chaos, children working in toxic sludge in Bangledesh, women blown to hamburger meat by killer drones, Grandparents watching their flesh drip off their bodies from white phosphorus bombs in Palestine, all the while Americans complain about not having an air conditioner this summer! It is precisely this mindset that the ruling class hopes to keep people in, to continue to think like a parasite and to our own inconveniences while babies are blown up by American flying assasins of poor people. (drones) I say fuck that! The people are going to be shown why American lives are not more important than other people’s lives and this must be done through education that was not obtained in American propaganda schools, and it must be done with conscientious suppression of what is First World Chauvinism. Only when the people understand what the ruling class has being doing in their name will they refuse to continue being silent accomplises to the terror unleashed on the world, I been terrorized by America my whole life in its dungeons so not only do I refuse to be an accomplise but I say fuck American terror!

With a clinched fist,




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