Revolution #275, July 22, 2012

An Important Form of Participation in the Bus Tour

All throughout July, go out to people with signs that have the two BAsics quotes for the month at the top (“American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People’s Lives”—BAsics 5:7 and “Internationalism—The Whole World Comes First”—BAsics 5:8) followed by “BECAUSE…” and a blank space at the bottom.

(See PDF templates of these signs with the BAsics 5:7 quote here: English | Spanish | French)

Talk to people about what they think of these quotes and have them write in their responses. Send in photos (like the ones here) or videos of people with these signs to and A lot of the photographs and videos can, and should, be done where people’s identities aren’t all clear… where people can freely put out what they’re thinking and not all of who they are. The photos and videos will be part of the tour video coming out on July 25 (deadline for this is July 22). There should also be some signs that say, “I support the BAsics Bus Tour because…”—again with a blank space for people to write their statement. This is a way to kick off a national discussion about these quotes, the bus tour, and BA, and a concrete form that people can begin to be part of the BA Everywhere campaign and the movement for revolution.

Taking out revolution and internationalism at the International African Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY on anti-July 4th




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