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CPI (Maoist) Call to Commemorate Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Struggle for Revolution in India

July 23, 2012. A World to Win News Service. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has issued a call for a celebration (July 28 to August 3) of those who have lost their lives in the revolutionary struggle. It discusses the increasing repressive attacks on the people's movement and the importance of protecting the party and its leadership and is a tribute to party members who lost their lives in the last year. Following is an excerpted version. The full document is available at:

In the course of striving with utmost dedication for the success of the New Democratic Revolution in India in the path of Protracted People's War as shown by the founders of our party, great leaders and martyrs Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterji, for the establishment of socialism and ultimately communism nearly more than 150 worthy daughters and sons of the proletariat and ordinary people have laid down their most invaluable lives. Many among them have lost their lives in fake encounters carried on by the government armed forces. Our party Central Committee pays humble red homage to all our beloved martyrs and dedicates itself one more time to the fulfilment of their aims. It calls upon the party, People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, Revolutionary People's Committees (RPCs), mass organizations and revolutionary masses to observe with revolutionary spirit the Martyrs' Memorial Week in memory of our beloved martyrs from July 28 to August 3, 2012, holding aloft their sacrifices and pledging ourselves one more time to fulfil their aims.

The most reactionary Indian ruling classes with the complete support, guidance and all kinds of help from the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists are carrying on the countrywide, multi-pronged Operation Green Hunt and it is increasingly becoming more dreadful, horrible and most oppressive to the masses in its second phase. Our beloved martyrs have laid down their lives while valiantly fighting this back. Majority of them have lost their lives while defending the successes of the People's War, the people, the party, and the people's army, while defending and expanding the newly emerging and sustaining new democratic power organs in the guerrilla zones and the guerrilla bases. They fought back the enemy valiantly and laid down their lives thus adding new chapters in sacrifice to the history of People's War. Some comrades have died in accidents and due to illness and they were primarily martyred due to lack of medical facilities in enemy repression. Some died due to the tortures of the enemy and in jails. Whatever may have been the manner in which they died the aspiration, selfless practice and sacrifices of all these martyrs are aimed at liberating the people of our country and the oppressed masses of this world from all kinds of exploitation and oppression.

That is why their martyrdom is loftier than the Himalayas and worth remembering. The Martyrs' Memorial Week of this year particularly brings us unbearable grief and supreme inspiration of a great martyr. The leader of the Indian Revolution, general of People's War, our Politburo member and the beloved leader of the oppressed masses, Comrade Mallojula Koteswara Rao alias Kishenji was martyred in a fake encounter on November 24, 2011 caught in a dragnet of the central and Bengal state governments and the Bengal state and central intelligence agencies. This cruel murder by Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram-Pranab Mukherji-Jairam Ramesh fascist ruling class clique in connivance with the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerji caused immense loss to the Indian revolutionary movement.

If we are to advance the revolution towards victory by utilizing the excellent material conditions, then we will have to improve our subjective conditions too as rapidly. Preventing losses to our subjective forces, particularly preventing losses to top leadership is one of the most important tasks faced by our party. It is true that people give birth to revolutionary leaders in the course of revolution. But it is equally true that once we lose such leaders, leaders who had gained decades of vast experience and have been guiding the party with unwavering confidence on the people and the revolution, it is not so easy to give birth to such leaders again.

Deployment of the army in Bastar, opening army training schools, giving special training to a Brigade of forces, building new battalions every year, huge increases in military budget, building of the necessary infrastructure for deployment of Air Force, buying-hiring and usage of helicopters and UAVs [drones] are all part of the multi-pronged massive military offensive of Operation Green Hunt (OGH). The deployment of the army in Bastar is not just for wiping out the movement there but also to damage the movements in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Maharashtra that border Bastar and also the movements in Jharkhand, Bihar, other North and East Indian states and the movements in South and Western India, thus aiming to wipe us out in the whole country. That is why we must put special efforts to build a vast and militant mass movement in our movement areas, in our country and abroad opposing the deployment of the army in movement areas and concretely in Bastar.

In the massive special operations carried on by the enemy forces at a brigade level recently in Dandakaranya, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, COB and AOB, UAVs were used. They are completing all preparations for deploying them on a vast scale (for gathering information, bombing and firing). We must mobilize on a big scale people of all sections against the usage of UAVs. We must link this with the movements that are arising against the usage of drones internationally, particularly in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine etc. We must strive to mobilize international support opposing the deployment of army and usage of drones in our movement areas. In fact, the lakhs [one lakh = 100,000] of armed forces, paramilitary, police forces and the number of helicopters deployed in our movement areas is more than the number of armed forces or the Air Force planes or helicopters of the majority of countries in the world. We must place this fact in front of the people of our country and the world and mobilize them.

At present one of the important aspects of the enemy repression is to arrest our comrades (right from CC to party members and ordinary people), foist false cases on them and incarcerate them in jails for years together. They are being meted out death sentences or life sentences, their bails are rejected or even if they get bails they are arrested at the jail gates again and new cases are being foisted on them. The political prisoners are not given even basic facilities, especially medical facilities and are being tortured in various manners. On the other hand the rights of the people are being crushed on a daily basis in innumerable instances and massacres are perpetrated on them.

On the whole, observe these solemn and inspiring days as occasions to rededicate ourselves to the fulfilment of the aims of the martyrs.

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