Chicago Responds to Hurricane Crisis

November 3, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


In Chicago, there was a plan to go out to a number of influential churches and popular gathering spots in oppressed communities on Sunday, November 4, and on election day to pass out palm cards advertising Cornel West’s interview with Bob Avakian and BA on Obama, “Let’s Be Real Here: As Bad as Bush Was, In Many Ways Obama Is Worse...”*

We are still planning to do this because these are such big, important questions. However in light of what is unfolding back east, we are planning to add another dimension—to distribute a flyer headlined, Humanity Needs Revolution. First Katrina—Now Sandy. Enough! It will reprint the editorial, “On Hurricane Sandy—What Is the Problem? What Is the Solution? And What We Need to Do Now!” And it will direct people to the ongoing coverage of the hidden stories about the grievous effects of Hurricane Sandy, and the growing movement for revolution and the work of BA that is only found at

We are planning to redouble our efforts to reach out and urge everyone, including people around the Revolution Clubs and others to come out and help with these efforts and to further extend them into schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.

We are also planning to take out banners or poster boards that say in BIG letters: We support the demands of the NYC Revolution Club: “WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS, WE DEMAND TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND COMPASSION!” and list their demands. People can sign them and/or take pictures of people manifesting their support. Other poster boards to display inside the church (if allowed) or outside (if necessary) can highlight the REALITY for the PEOPLE vs The OFFICIAL Narrative of “Return to Normal Life”—through display excerpts of Revolution’s coverage along with pictures that show the reality.

An important emphasis needs to be put on raising funds to support the website while we are going out. (See call for financial support at

* FYI: In Chicago the popular Smiley & West radio show was abruptly cancelled on the local National Public Radio station (WBEZ) the week before the interview with BA aired, and there has been controversy and protest roiling over the cancellation ever since it happened.

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