We are human beings, we demand to be treated with respect and compassion!

November 1, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The NY Revolution Club developed and is circulating these demands and organizing people around them:

We are human beings, we demand to be treated with respect and compassion!


  1. Immediately provide the hard-hit areas with emergency housing, shelter, food, safe water, medicine and needed care (including child care). Immediate emergency aid for homeless, elderly and disabled people.
  2. Immediately provide the hardest hit areas with generators and all needed cleanup equipment.
  3. Immediately set up adequately staffed clinics in hardest hit areas.
  4. Immediate suspension of all curfews, stop & frisk, roadblocks, and questioning of individuals without probable cause.
  5. Immediate fact-finding team with lawyers, clergy, relatives and members of the public to be admitted to Rikers Island; provision for emergency communications between inmates and loved ones.
  6. End discrimination NOW in provisions and services. No deportations of those in the affected areas.
  7. Immediate investigation of, and end to, the cover-up of environmental causes and ongoing damage. Full transparency on water safety and safety of all essentials.



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