From Far Rock

November 1, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


Dear Revolution,

A person who I know via Facebook just shared some experience his brother had in the Rockaways. His post references the part of the Rockaways that is not near the more affluent Breezy Point. If others are going back that way soon, they may want to look more into this section.

"My brothers just came back far rock, the spent yesterday and night there. One of them said its really bad. No police, red cross or relief services.

"The went to check on our property, family and friends. Ended up going into the projects and brining out and taking people stranded or to jamaica to get resources. The Rockaways is a huge community of private homes but primarily public housing. Let's also push our city services to send physical relief to the area.

"Although many of us Frequent the beaches, we don't go into those projects or may be unaware of them. It's one of the city's largest public housing complexes...people are stranded there (no public trans, electricity, and most likely lower income) and most don't have an alternative place to go. Let's not let it become another 9th ward situation. Please press our city offices to also send help.”


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