Before, during, after the Storm—there's no other website like this!

November 3, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


During the past week of Hurricane Sandy, no other site has done what has. If you came to this site, you got ongoing analysis... you got reports from the places where people were abandoned by the government and suffering hard... you got direction and leadership on how to fight this over the course of the week... and you got reports from the trenches where people are already beginning to do so. You became acquainted with the work of Bob Avakian and got a vision of how a different society—an emancipatory socialist society, on the road to communism, which truly empowered and served the people—could deal with such a catastrophe.

The battle around Sandy is by no means over, and neither are we. And now YOU are needed to step up and support this site. Donate—not only to maintain the site, but to expand its ability to cover and respond to events, and to qualitatively broaden its reach and influence. The voice of this website, and the vision and movement it represents, must grow louder.

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