BA Everywhere: What to Do in the Next Six Weeks

November 25, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


Here are some ideas for going all out through the holidays and into the New Year to raise big funds and forge a community of people working together to project BA's vision and works to all corners of society.

  • Get the special Revolution pullout section on BA Everywhere out all over. Mail it with your holiday cards—with a request for donations. Distribute this broadly and get it to all kinds of people one-on-one. (Revolution #285, November 18, 2012)
  • Make plans to show the video BAsics Bus Tour, Atlanta to Sanford…and Beyond to friends and family at gatherings. Ask people to make time to sit down, watch this together, and talk. Learn from people's responses and ask for financial contributions as well as ideas for spreading BA more widely.
  • Host potlucks or open houses where the topic of conversation is how people are treated under this system (like what happened after Hurricane Sandy hit)—and how the new synthesis brought forward by Bob Avakian opens the pathways to a whole new, and much better, world. Listening to the audio clip "Why There Is No 'Right to Eat' Under Capitalism" by BA or the Cornel West interview with BA might be good ways to spark the discussion.
  • Looking towards December, plan for New Year's Eve parties, and holiday open houses the week before that, to bring people together and raise money. Or, have a big holiday party the week before Christmas and an open house on New Year's Day. Involve people in different ways—like musicians and DJs donating their talents. Begin to build for these now.
  • These gatherings also provide opportunities to get people stacks of palm cards of the BAsics quote for November and for December—to spread around where they work and live, at concerts, and in many other creative ways. Getting these BAsics quote cards all over—and reporting back to the BA Everywhere website—is an important and basic form of participation in the BA Everywhere campaign.
  • Give a gift that matters. Spread the word about the new BA Everywhere webstore at where people can find shirts, mugs, hats and more with challenging and inspiring quotes from BAsics… greeting cards with graphics from Revolution… and more. And at, people can buy a copy of BAsics for a friend and simultaneously buy one for a prisoner. (Holiday gift cards from the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund to use with this are also available at

Imagine in these coming weeks… efforts around these and other ideas intersecting with and building on each other, raising money and building community as part of this nationwide campaign and movement—which would take a leap with the New Year's Eve parties.

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