Chicago Police Attack Dakota’s Family at the Cemetery

November 25, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |



Today the family was more than disrespected by Chicago police, while trying to lay Dakota to rest there were helicopters and a mob of police following the funeral procession. The police told one of our cousins to “shut the fuck up before you get fucked up next”. They had rifles in their hands as if we were in a third world country at war. They are trying to scare us but we are not letting up on these killers...

From the “Justice for Dakota” Facebook page.

After 15-year-old Dakota Bright is shot in the back of the head by Chicago police on November 8, 100+ people march in the neighborhood on November 10, demanding Justice for Dakota. Protesters disrupt city hall—marching INTO city hall blowing whistles and chanting—up the stairways which amplify the sounds, echoing up and down the building.  Protest occupies the hall outside 2nd floor chambers where city council is in session and then re-take the stairs up to the mayor’s office on the 5th floor.

Friday, November 16, is the funeral for Dakota Bright. Family members pass out the flier from Revolution Club in Chicago and poster calling for “Justice for Dakota! Indict, Convict and Jail Killer Cop!” to hundreds attending funeral. Many at funeral wear “Danger: Police in Area” stickers. After the funeral people take bundles of fliers, posters and especially stickers to get out.

Family and friends head to cemetery. The funeral procession is “escorted” and harassed by what people said was a “mob of police cars.” Police stop cars in the procession and harass friends and family of Dakota. There is a police car with lights flashing at every intersection along the route. Procession is followed by a couple police helicopters. In the cemetery cops stand outside their cars which line the route to the gravesite. Cook County sheriffs and detectives are there.

Police are lined up outside the cemetery with rifles. They pull over cars carrying Dakota’s mother, uncle and sister as the funeral procession leaves the cemetery. People report that an AR 15 rifle is pointed at one uncle, a shotgun is pointed at another. Police have cans of mace out and ready. Police tell Dakota’s mother, “This isn’t about your son anymore, this is about you.” One cop tells other cops, “We should take [Dakota’s uncle] into the back of the [police] car and fuck him up.” A sergeant in charge says, “We don’t do that anymore.” A cousin of Dakota’s gets on top of a car and says, “We are going back to City Hall on Monday.” Cop tells the cousin, “Get the fuck down or you will be the next one fucked up.” Eventually the family members are released with no arrests or tickets.

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