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December 16, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


Your participation is urgently needed to fill increasing requests to send Revolution newspaper, BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, and other literature to prisoners in 43 states across the U.S. If you agree that prisoners have a “right to a life of the mind,” DONATE NOW. If you have learned from and are moved by the letters here and other letters from prisoners you have read in this newspaper, DONATE NOW.

Your contributions make possible what the letters below describe.

I now have in my possession a Revolution newspaper

“I don’t know how this paper got on the block or who gets it, all I know is that I now have in my possession a Revolution newspaper No. 271, June 10, 2012. It was a very enlightening read. I don’t have any funds to help with Furthering the Cause, but I also don’t know what’s going on either. I’m trying to stay as up to date as possible. I can’t afford Books, Magazines, or Newspapers, + I’m asking for a subsidized subscription to any + all R.C.P. Publications, Revolution newspaper, + any + all Revolutionary Literature… Thank you.

“P.S. What exactly is BAsics 1:13 + what kind of literature can I get on it?...”

Prisoner in Texas


BAsics... a profound book

“Greetings from the Belly of the Beast. First, thank you for the book BAsics. Wow, what a profound book. It opened my mind on a much deeper level as it concerns leader Bob Avakian and the future he envisions. We have started to use this book in our study groups here. I will keep you posted on the opinions and feed back in our group studies.

“P.S. The “Revolution” is my breath of freedom. Without it I am lost as to what’s really going on outside these gates.”

Prisoner in South Carolina


From blind banger, hustler, thug to conscious revolutionary

“I…want to extend my genuine appreciation for sending me BAsics and the Revolution newspapers—both of which are profound assets of necessity, for use in the strengthening of the greater tool of knowledge as we battle a system that uses ignorance as one of its main and most deadly weapons. As I pass these publications around and entertain, initiate and listen in on discussions centered around new awakenings/revolutionary mind states. It’s always deeply rewarding and humbling to see a change from blind banger, hustler, thug to conscious revolutionary starving to learn more and change the status quo… I just want to thank you for all the effort you put forth towards awakening the masses and creating change.”

Prisoner in California


  • $10 will send one copy of BAsics to one prisoner
  • $500 will send 50 copies of BAsics to prisoners
  • $35 will renew a 1 year subscription to Revolution newspaper
  • $175 will renew subscriptions to Revolution newspaper for a Texas prison
  • $315 will renew current subscriptions to
    Revolution in South Carolina
  • PRLF needs funds for 750 more copies of BAsics
    to meet their goal of 2,000. This would include
    200 to women newly learning about PRLF.



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