Immigrant Prisoner Writes on BA and Revolution Newspaper

December 16, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


Dear Revolution,

I have been receiving your Revolution Newspaper for little over four months now and I thank you very much indeed for them. Because they had help me find hopes and some answers that I have been looking for so many years that I have thought would never find. I also want to thank the special person like Bob Avakian, who is definitely willing and have to risk his life in helping black people and latino minority people in this so called democracy country to stand up for themselves and speak out for their real humanity freedom. I have been a communist supporter and fighter for almost 30 years… And have not find the true communist leader like Bob Avakian, the chairman of Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

Dear comrade Bob Avakian, you are my hero and inspiration leader in the Whole World, because your messages in the BAsics book and the Revolution newspapers I received every month as free has definitely touch my life and heart in a very special way. Reading your book and the newspapers has open my eyes and heart to discover and know how dirty is the united states of America government make its military and C.I.A. interventions in making their fake-phony dirty of democracy role around the World.

I thought the united states was a true land of opportunities and a true democracy nation. But now I know it is not a true democracy freedom country and I believe now while do united states government making the other nations people to come to the united states and leave their third World countries. Because the united states government is a liar and make it hard for others people to leave their countries and come to live in the country where slavery, racial discrimination and segregation still exist in practicing of killing innocence black minority people and torture the others in confinement prisons in the united states of America which so called the great land of equal opportunity and true democracy freedom country which it is not.

Dear comrade Bob Avakian, I am in Prison now for defending myself …But the court have mess over me for the fact that I am foreign citizen…who do not know the law. But I am not really upset about it anymore because I have learned alot of things now since I have been in prison for seven years and I have also gain alot of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding… [for] when I go back to my country…

Once again, I want to thank you revolutionary newspaper and Bob Avakian, and pray for you and may God always bless you BA and your world to make this world as a better world. I am truly interesting in learning more about your Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and would like some more books to read. I am sorry I have no money to be able to pay for the books fees.

Thank you dear comrade and may God bless your heart and give you peace and love.

Immigrant prisoner in Texas

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