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January 13, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


In January, we launched a pledge drive to build a base of financial sustainers large enough for Revolution and to continue to function. As early reports come in, one thing emerging is that for that pledge drive to really “achieve liftoff,” there is a need and important opportunity to sharpen people’s understanding of this pivotal question: What do this newspaper, and, have to do with making revolution?

The RCP’s “On the Strategy for Revolution” (Revolution, February 11, 2011—available in print and audio at identifies two “mainstays” that are the foundation for all the work that goes into preparing for and hastening the arrival of a chance at revolution. The first mainstay is popularizing the new synthesis of communism, the body of work, method and approach, and leadership of Bob Avakian, and how that is critical for the revolution we need. This is the source of hope and daring, on a scientific basis, for the movement for revolution.

The other mainstay is this newspaper—and now the revitalized Hot on the heels of a whole range of events: the rape scandal in India... the latest episode in the epidemic of police killings of Black and Latino youth... the role of the environmental emergency in recent natural disasters... the paper and website expose the workings of this system behind all these outrages. And how revolution and communism can solve these problems in a way that conforms to the interests—ultimately—of humanity.

But there is more: A critical and dynamic element in the role of Revolution and is to give people a living sense of how their activity fits into the big picture. In the pages of this paper, and at the website, people whose lives mean nothing to this system, who are told their only “future” is a life of misery, poverty, jail, and early death, can see themselves—and people like themselves in their city, across the whole country, and around the world—stepping forward as emancipators of humanity. They become emboldened to be part of the backbone of a movement of thousands that can lead millions in a revolutionary situation.

And as this newspaper and website circulate among the alienated intelligentsia, artists, and others, spreading the new synthesis of communism, those sections of society too can get a living sense of the movement for revolution, including their own role, but also the great potential of those in society who catch hell every day and who are vilified by this system as “dangerous criminals.”

Appreciating this sheds light on the crucial stakes of keeping Revolution and alive. So if you’re not a sustainer, start now—use the coupon on this page. If you are a sustainer now, please increase your amount.

How much should you pledge? Think about what it means for this newspaper and website to continue to function, and make your pledge commensurate with that: $10 for those in desperate circumstances. For others: $25, $50, and for Revolution and to continue—people with the resources to do so will have to pledge $500 per month.

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