Get Into the New Bob Avakian Interview and Spread It Everywhere

January 20, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


The first segment of the new five-part interview of Bob Avakian by Michael Slate hit the airwaves on Friday, January 11, 10 am PST on the Pacifica radio station KPFK (Los Angeles, 90.7 FM). New installments will run on the next four Fridays, same time. The interview can be caught live online at And each part will be available for download shortly after airing, at and the KPFK audio archives.

In February, a film of a new six-and-a-half hour speech by BA given in the fall of 2012 is set to debut across the country.

If your heart aches to see an end to the horror upon horror piled on people around the world... if you are sick and tired of this shit and dream of a radically different, much better world... then you need to seriously get into these works by Bob Avakian, the leader of a new stage of communist revolution. You need to confront the brutal reality we face, get underneath the way things are and how things don’t have to stay that way... and you need to engage with the scientific potential, strategy, and leadership for a real revolution, for a whole different way the world could be.

Right now, be a part of spreading BA’s new interview by Michael Slate so that it’s heard in the barber shops and bodegas, campuses and living rooms, and all kinds of places around the country.

  • ORGANIZE listening parties among friends, family, co-workers, and others. Let people know that they are part of a movement of people around the country, tuning into and wrangling over this brand-new work from BA. Ask people to contribute to the BA Everywhere campaign—so that BA’s voice and work can reach out to many, many more people, in all corners of society.
  • PLAY AND DISCUSS the interview wherever you go. On campuses—play it in cafeterias and dorms, announce the interview at the start of big classes and then play it outside as students come out, or set up a table on the quad with an eye-catching display and the interview blasting. In the neighborhoods—go to barber and beauty shops, bodegas, coffee shops, laundromats, and other places people gather. Be sure to bring along and distribute stacks of BAsics quote of the month palm cards as you do this.
  • ASK independent and college radio stations to rebroadcast the Michael Slate interview with Bob Avakian. If possible, go to the radio station itself and talk directly to DJs or the program director about playing the interview.
  • SEND the interview out to your e-lists.
  • SEND YOUR IDEAS about other ways for this interview to reach throughout society and multiply the impact—and send in reports about where the interview has been played, and the discussion and controversy it is touching off. Write to Revolution at and BA Everywhere at


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