Urgently Needed: Funds for BA Everywhere Campaign!

February 24, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


In 2011 the BA Everywhere campaign was launched with the goal of involving many thousands of people in raising big money to get BA’s revolutionary vision and works into every corner of society, to radically change the whole atmosphere in society and the whole way that people think about the possibility of a different kind of world beyond exploitation and oppression.

The premiere of the new film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live on March 16-17 marks a key juncture in this campaign.  Through promotion, advertising, and all the work of building for these premieres, hundreds of thousands of people around the country will hear about this revolutionary leader and his urgent and compelling message of “Revolution—Nothing Less!”  And many hundreds will be challenged to step into theaters, sit down, and experience this life-changing talk by Bob Avakian.  This will be a giant leap in projecting BA out into society!

Step up and step out now to everyone you know with bold initiatives to raise lots of funds to help push forward the whole BA Everywhere effort. Tens of thousands of dollars are urgently needed to plan, promote, and put on the premieres being held in major cities across the country and then to propel BA’s voice out there on an even grander scale in the wake of these premieres. There is great potential to reach and involve thousands of people in a multitude of ways in raising and contributing funds.

Remember this: We have a compelling message to bring to people—revolution, and nothing less, is what’s needed and THIS is where their money and their energies need to go if they really want to do something about the emergency situation that faces humanity: millions starving, drone attacks terrorizing and murdering thousands, women—half of humanity—facing brutality and degradation, over two million in prison in the U.S., the planet facing destruction, and so much more. Nothing less than revolution can address and solve these problems.

Right now all kinds of fundraising activities need to be organized and unleashed:

  • Hundreds of house parties and potluck dinners where people gather friends, associates, and family to play the Cornel West and Michael Slate interviews with Bob Avakian, where BA presents with compelling passion and clarity the urgent need and possibility for communist revolution—and then people are challenged on the spot to donate generously so that this voice can be heard by many thousands more people.
  • Hundreds of people in communities around the country mobilized in all kinds of forms of mass fundraising—sales of tamales or brownies, penny jars on the counters of the corner stores and in barber shops, big donation buckets in the midst of street scenes where the controversy is roiling over REVOLUTION–NOTHING LESS!  All with posters and palm cards, banners and displays boldly advertising the premiere of BA Speaks: REVOLUTION–NOTHING LESS!
  • Lots of sit-downs with professors, artists, musicians, lawyers and others who hate the wars, the rape, the mass incarceration, the revolting culture that pervades this country and the world, and playing for them a segment from the Michael Slate interview—to get into the importance of this campaign, why getting this voice and vision of revolution out into society is what they should be contributing to in order to change the whole tenor and terms of debate about the possibility of revolution and of a different future for humanity. And challenging them to involve others in donating and coming to the premiere.
  • People with more resources buying blocks of tickets to enable people from the projects and neighborhoods to come to the premiere.

Through all this people will be opening their eyes to confront the horror of how the world really is and opening up their thinking to the fact that it really it doesn’t have to be this way—and then be challenged with the fact that it’s up to us to get with this, to contribute financially and to get it out there to everyone else who hates the way things are and get them involved and engaged and ask them to support this movement financially.

Making all this a reality will bring forth more organization, more engagement and more resources from which to greatly expand the efforts to spread BA Everywhere and the message of REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!



to The Bob Avakian Institute

Mail checks or money orders to:
The Bob Avakian Institute
(or The BA Institute)
1016 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60607

Or online at thebobavakianinstitute.org


Please be aware that The Bob Avakian Institute is not tax exempt and donations made to it are not tax deductible.

The Bob Avakian Institute is a nonprofit institute organized for educational purposes. Its mission is to preserve, project, and promote the works and vision of Bob Avakian with the aim of reaching the broadest possible audience. In furtherance of its mission, The Bob Avakian Institute financially supports projects aimed at Spreading BA Everywhere.

At this time, donations can only be solicited and accepted from residents of the following states: California, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming. All donations from these states are greatly appreciated. Residents of these same states can donate online at thebobavakianinstitute.org. (Disclosure statements can be found at The Bob Avakian Institute website at thebobavakianinstitute.org.)

If you would like to make a check or donate online to the BA Everywhere campaign but live in a state other than California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nevada, NJ, NY, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming, contributions can be made payable to RCP Publications online at revcom.us/BAfundcampaign or sent to RCP Publications, PO Box 3486, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654 (indicate “BA Everywhere”). Contributions or gifts to RCP Publications are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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