"Black people need to see/hear this"

March 6, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


This statement is from a woman whose son was killed by the police and who heard BA speak:


Black people need to see/hear this tape because we blinded. I was blinded at first—I'm not blinded no more. They get out and hear this about why we are oppressed the way we are. Maybe somebody will stand up and say "we stand for revolution."

When I heard him it didn’t take long for me to say that this is what I wanted to do—stand up and fight because shit that is going on out here is wrong. But we didn’t see that. We never thought that the police’s goal was actually out here to take our lives away and lock us up for no reason. And what was that point for? What was that reason for? So they need to see, hear the reason why the system is the way it is. And maybe some people will join us. We need millions, not some, we need millions of people to join us and wake up and say, "yes, it's time for revolution."

What helped me was how he broke it down, how he broke down the system, and why the system can’t provide. And then for me to go through my own trial just made me say, “hell no. No!”


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