Message to the Youth in the Neighborhood

March 8, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


I want to say this to the youth in the neighborhood. This system has no future for you. You have to seriously check out Bob Avakian.

From an early age this system had me programed for prison and I wound up doing many, many years. I know about the solitary confinement, the beat downs—the struggle to keep your humanity. I was a kid when I went in and an old man when I came out.

You know this is the future this system has looming over you. You know it just like I did. From the time I was teenager I knew that I would end up in prison or dead. The system had conditioned you to expect prison and death. Do you accept this?! This system has no future for us. Is that okay?! Revolution is the only way out. But you don't know that we have the leadership to get out of all this, BA. He's saying something you never heard before. The preachers, politicians, and all those who tell us we got to accept how things are—they're spreading bullshit. Things can change and on March 16 you can hear Bob Avakian cut through all the bullshit and tell you how. A different future is possible for us and humanity. BA has the light to get us out of this horror. But you have to be part, you have to be there on the 16th and hear for yourself. Take that first step. I got my ticket! Get yours!

Revolutionary brother in Harlem

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