Prisoners: Spread the Word about the Premiere of BA Speaks: REVOLUTIONNOTHING LESS!

March 10, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


Tell your friends and families about the premieres of the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTIONNOTHING LESS! Saturday, March 16, in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; Sunday, March 17, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let them know why they need to seize this opportunity to hear the leader of a new stage of communist revolution and be part of bringing a radically different world into being. Encourage them to visit Revolution Books in their area to join with others to build for and attend the premieres. And to go online to to listen to the interviews of BA with Cornel West and with Michael Slate, and buy tickets so they and their friends can go to the premiere nearest to them. Ask them to write you what they learned and what they think. Let us know what you hear back.

Tell the world, through the pages of Revolution, why you think this film is so important, and why everyone who is not fine with this world of horrors should push aside the press of life and survival and spend this important day engaging deeply with BA. Send letters ASAP to Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund, 1321 N. Milwaukee Ave #407, Chicago, IL 60622.


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