From Three People in NYC

March 12, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


White guy in his twenties who saw BA speak this past fall:
"I'll be at the Magic Johnson Theater on March 16th because in this day and age its rare to hear a man speak the truth and I'm not going to miss an opportunity to do so."
A Black man in his early thirties who said he's been stopped and frisked by police 30 times in a year
"I just bought a ticket to see BA speak, I'm really interested in what he has to say, ya know, there's a need for revolution, it won't hurt for me to buy a ticket and see this man's perspective and see where he's coming from. Look like he's really into mind the community where I come from, and he really cares for the masses of humans around the world. Thank you."
A college student, young Black woman, who bought her ticket:
"I encourage you to see the screening of Bob Avakian's REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS because I am inspired to hear about someone who thinks that they know how we can have a revolution, change capitalism, change the societal constructs in which we live today. I'm very curious to understand why he believes there are steps to reforming and changing society, and I think it's just a very inspirational and a motivational tool to help encourage people to ban together, fight against societal norms and constructs and make a change and make a difference, starting with this generation, so that's my little piece, I hope you go, come out and see it!"

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