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March 31, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


On the weekend of March 16 and 17, hundreds of people in four major cities had the opportunity to see, hear, and experience the premiere of BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!, the powerful 6+ hour film of a speech by Bob Avakian. Students, youth, teachers, people from the projects and neighborhoods gathered in theaters and were provoked, inspired, challenged—eyes were opened and minds were changed. The utter intolerability of the current world order became achingly sharp, the possibility of revolution and of a different and much better way for humanity to live began to come into view.

Think of what it would mean if thousands and thousands of people were hearing about Bob Avakian, watching this film, gathering their friends and showing the DVD of it, reading and discussing BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, getting with the revolution and getting involved in changing the world for real. This can happen and it needs to happen.

But the situation today is that the vast majority of people have never heard of Bob Avakian or been exposed to his exciting and liberating talks and writings. This situation needs to change and it needs to change fast. And it can't happen without people like you donating lots of money and getting involved in the campaign to raise lots of money to blast this out into the world in a really big way to get BA EVERYWHERE.

No one else is putting it straight to people about the horror that's really happening to billions around the world because of this system. No one else is putting it straight to people about the revolution that it's going to take to change this and the role that THEY need to play in building the movement for that revolution. No one else is putting it straight to people about what communism really is and how society and the people could be transformed and build a whole different kind of world free of oppression and exploitation. This is so precious and so needed, and it's up to ALL OF US to raise the funds to get this out into the world in the way that can really begin to change the whole atmosphere and discourse—and change what people think is possible.

Donating funds and raising funds is an indispensable part of revolution and it's something anyone can do and get involved with—even as you are checking this out and learning more about it.

Think about the difference it would make if there were lots of money for advertisement and promotion of this film—to promote and produce hundreds more showings of it, to promote the distribution of the DVD of it on a broad scale. Think about the difference it would make if there were lots of money to promote BAsics—to get it into the hands of those the system has cast off in the ghettos and barrios of this country, in the prisons and in the schools. Think about the difference it would make if this film and these ideas were made available to be actively studied and debated on campuses around the country. Think about the difference it would make if young revolutionaries who are passionate about taking this out into the world and fighting for revolution and nothing less could be supported to do this full-time. Think about the difference it would make if there could be high-profile promotional tours going into communities around the country to promote the film and BAsics.

All this takes money—and lots of it!

There's lots of ways to do this and be part of this: Set aside $5/month or $50/month to donate to the BA Everywhere campaign. Donate $500 right now. Get together with friends and develop fundraising projects like baking and selling cookies or making and selling tamales. Organize a DVD showing in your home, invite your friends, the people you talk with about serious things, show them the film and ask them to donate. Get involved with the BA Everywhere committee in your city and be part of all kinds of collective discussion and activities to raise funds to spread this far and wide.

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