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March 24, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


After seeing the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS, I am much more in the know that there will be no change under this system of oppression, no real future for the youth, and all the horrors of this nation and the world will go on until we all stop kidding ourselves by the notion that our government is such the superpower that they can't be defeated or that we are so powerless to just let all these outrages go on. BA was very much on point about the injustices of our youth, particularly black and brown youth that ends up entangled in our criminal (in)justice system, and how much we need to stop with blaming the youth for their plight and for why they are criminalized under this exploitive system. The film made very strong points on the mentality of religion and how it controls people with keeping them on their knees and not living on you feet. This film was not for the closed minded, and nothing is sugar coated or just blowing coloured bubbles at issues as the media would give half-truths and lies, but this film was very straight forward and Bob told it like it "really" is. I especially loved how he broke the deception of Obama and his true role as the puppet of the ruling class, and just how this system is spreading its monstrous claws all over the world with it's greed and destruction, and the murdering of many people, here with our police (who would justify 137 [shots] on two people and other killings by (un)law enforcement), and the military (who kills without impunity with drone missile attacks on the people), and the signing of the NDAA which the president can kill anyone he chooses at will without due process. Much more is presented in this film as to how much horror goes on in the U.S. and abroad, and if you are horrified by all of it, and you want to know what you can do to contribute to the end of these horrors brought on by the system, and not a bunch of rhetoric, soft language, sugar-coated, watered down solutions that amount to nothing and results in nothing, and you have an open mind to want the real, in your face, no nonsense and hardline truth, then this film from BA is a must see, and I encourage anyone who want to make real change to be a part of this movement and get inspired by the words you won't hear from the politicians, most teachers, or reformist, and those religious "leave it to the lord" tambourine shakers who don't want to hear it outright and hide behind the "word"...well listen to the words that BA has to say about all this and more, and if you can get with it, you'll see that the nation and the world need to get rid of this system to make real change, and for that we need REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!!

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