A New Abortion Rights Freedom Rider!

July 27, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


I’m 18 and I’m joining the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride from Cleveland.  I was born and raised catholic, and not only was I brainwashed when I was little, I was lied to over and over again about sex and abortion. My sex education class when I was in grade school was not a sex education class. It was just another bullshit class to teach us kids about religion and how sex, masturbation and abortion was just terrible and if you did any of these things you were damned to hell. I was one of those kids that would question all of this and what we were being told, my questions were not answered.

With all of these questions not being answered, I knew so many kids that before or after 7th and 8th grade got pregnant. Since they were taught abortion was wrong and were not taught about sex, they are now teen mothers and a lot of them disowned by their family for even having sex. After growing up in this brainwashing system and religion, I have decided that I needed to go on this Freedom Ride. I’m going on this Freedom Ride and joining the caravan because I know abortion is not wrong, Abortion is not killing, and women should not be forced into motherhood. Since I grew up catholic, I know that there are so many more kids out there that are being brainwashed, that don’t know what is happening in the United States with suppressing women, and are taking us back down a road that has already been fought.

We don’t deserve this again, I will not back down, I will keep fighting, I will spread the word and I won’t stop until I have my rights. The fact that women are even having to fight for this, that it isn’t just a right that we are free to really shows how fucked up this whole nation is. I am so proud and insanely honored to be a part of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride.


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