Letter from a Black Woman in Her 50s

December 16, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


In order to raise the consciousness and reach the minds of the masses of people, it is necessary to fund the printed materials, films, vans, and any and all mediums through which the revolutionary new synthesis of communism led by Bob Avakian will be distributed throughout the various communities in which our party is working.

I would like to encourage each and every one of us who wishes to see a new world vision to contribute to the noble cause by selling candy. Candy? Chocolate has proven to be a surefire way of garnering funds on an individual level.

No contribution is too great or too small. I first came up with the idea of selling chocolate candy by taking a walk down memory lane. When I was a girl (many moons ago), I would wait for the holiday season to begin by purchasing a $1.00 bar of "World's Finest Candy."

The parochial schools would sell them to garner cash for their school materials, and the Girl Scouts would sell them to finance our camping excursions.

We can feel a part of a great progressive movement by donating a small amount of time to fundraising by selling this fine candy. I would like to encourage each member or supporter of this movement to think about how you can actively contribute to a better way of life by giving of your time, money, and or physical efforts through even the tiniest efforts of fundraising.

Each and every one of us can let our creative juices flow by either selling dinners, candy, water, etc. or whatever means you can think of to raise capital for our political party to make this scientific dream become more of a tangible reality when we contribute money to the cause.

The "World's Finest" candies sell themselves, and at a $1.00 bargain price per bar they move quickly. It is so easy to bring a box of chocolates to our jobs, our stores, and the neighbors in our respective communities that selling can be done with little or no extra effort on our part.

No job is too small and no contribution is too little when we have everything to gain and nothing to lose but our current way of life. Whatever ways you can conceive of to contribute financially will be appreciated and welcomed. Nothing can beat the accomplished feeling of donating and earning cash dollars to change the current pathetic state of our world.

The personal satisfaction that I derived from turning in this money was actually more than any offering or tithe that I ever gave to a church. Join with me in raising dollars to change the state of our current systems of failed governments. Just knowing that I've made a small contribution to end capitalism-imperialism helps me sleep easier and deeper at night.


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