Letter to the Defiant Ones:
The November 15th Dialogue Is For You

November 13, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


This leaflet from the New York City Revolution Club was taken out to high school students in Harlem. A PDF version of this is also available.


Letter to the Defiant Ones:

The November 15th Dialogue Is For You

You only live once. But what is your life going to be for?

We've talked to you.  We've heard what you think.

For some of you, you've decided you're going to be one of the ones who is at the Bob Avakian and Cornel West Dialogue on Saturday, Nov. 15. You want to hear about how you can be part of acting on the stage of history.  You want to hear about how your life can count for something that's about more than just your yourself. And to hear two people talking about the fight for emancipation.

And for some of you, you think this isn't for you. You think you're too much of a fuck-up, nobody cares what you think. You think you can't do anything to change anything. You're wrong. This is exactly what they want you to think.  And it is exactly why, if you want to break out of the plans they have for you, you need to be at this dialogue on Saturday.

Will you be the ones getting played by the system, going out exactly the way they want us to? Fighting it out with each other to be the baddest of the ones they have regulated to the bottom? Trying to be the one to make it out for yourself, forget everyone else, and even then walk through streets lined with cops ready to pump you with bullets?

Or will you be one of the defiant ones?  On Saturday, you will see and hear Bob Avakian, the revolutionary leader who is about taking on the monsters who run this system while not becoming monsters as we do. He will be live and in person, and on stage with Cornel West, a revolutionary Christian and truth teller who deals with the responsibility of moral people in an unjust world.

So who will you be?  This is a rare chance.  This is for you.  Yes, you, whether you're one of the “good kids” already trying to figure out the world, or if you are just seen as and called one of the “fuck ups”.  Neither one of these people will turn their backs on you.  Not Cornel West. And not Bob Avakian, who says even the so called worst of us can be emancipators of humanity.

Get your ticket.  Be at Riverside Church Saturday, November 15th.  Doors open at 1:30 pm. www.revcom.us

NYC Revolution Club: nycrevclub@gmail.com — 347.994.8303 — @nycrevclub — nycrevclub.tumblr.com


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