New York City 12/4/14

December 5, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |



  • Ten thousand rallied on December 4 in Foley Square in lower Manhattan.
  • The crowd at Foley Square was from all walks of life and all ages, including high school students.
  • Outside government offices at Foley Square.
  • A high school student at Foley Square.
  • Surging onto the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Thousands of protesters crossed into Brooklyn where many marched on the Barclays Center where the NBA Nets play.
  • Cars and trucks honked in rhythm with protest chants.
  • Cab drivers greet and embrace protesters.
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Well over ten thousand people stormed into the streets of New York City on the second night of mass protests in the wake of the decision of a Staten Island grand jury to refuse to indict the police who murdered Eric Garner. Some ten thousand rallied at Foley Square—where New York City’s police and government offices are centered. People from all walks of life chanting “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.”

As the night darkened, a good section of the crowd rushed the Brooklyn Bridge and made it onto the bridge before police closed it. Those who made it onto the bridge crossed into downtown Brooklyn and marched up to the Barclays Center—home of the NBA Nets—and did die-ins in major downtown Brooklyn intersections. Other protesters marched across the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn.

Other sections of the crowd in Manhattan were prevented from getting to the bridges. Many marched across town on Canal Street through Chinatown. Cab and truck drivers on Canal Street honked in rhythm with the chants, took photos, and embraced protesters. Groups of protesters moved on Lincoln tunnel that connects New York and New Jersey and closed the West Side Highway.

Other actions took place around New York City. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network and others rallied at Union Square. At Times Square over 200 protesters were arrested trying to stop traffic. Other protests and arrests took place at 8th Avenue and 51st Street, and Madison Avenue and 57th. The president of the American Federation of Teachers was among those arrested on the upper West Side. Other protesters were arrested at the Manhattan side of the Staten Island Ferry.


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