LAPD Kills Homeless Man

March 3, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On Sunday, March 1, an unarmed homeless man, known as “Africa” and “Brother Africa,” was gunned down on skid row by the LAPD as he lay on the ground with four cops on top of him. This outrageous killing of another unarmed Black man by the brutal Los Angeles cops was captured on video that is posted at many news outlets and on YouTube. The video shows the cops approaching Africa and taking him to the ground. Witnesses say the cops pulled their tasers and appeared to have tased him, and then you hear several gun shots as onlookers yelled and screamed. One person yelled out, "Y’all got (him) tased. Why did y’all shoot that man?”


A coalition of organizations and people gathered on Monday, March 2, to chart out immediate plans to say NO MORE! to police murder and the LAPD murder of Africa specifically. The plans include a "Take the Streets" March Tuesday morning at 8 am beginning at the site of Africa's murder, marching to LAPD headquarters. The march will include "blowing the whistle on police murder and this modern day lynching." Then, Saturday, March 7, EVERYONE needs to converge at LAPD headquarters at 12 noon, and the action will unfold from there. We will be reporting more on this outrageous murder and on the protests happening in the coming days. Stay tuned.



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